Product Name:JMBC Volume Controlle
Category:Filter & Softener Controller
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JMB/C volume controller is a new product developed on the basis of advanced CMOS chip technology. It is widely used in filtration system, water soft system,and desalination systems. JMB/C has many functions sush as volume display, remain volume display,regeneration program presetting, system working stage display, signal feedback, solenoid signal output.

JMB/C functions:
Password setting
JMB: single flow sensor signal input controller
JMC: 1 to 3 flow sensor signal input controller
K value setting (For K value setting please check K value list)
Flow rate display (0-999t/h);remaining volume display(1-9999.9t)
Total volume display and data clearance function
Stages display (service,regeneration,stand by,feedback)
Manual regeneration
Regeneration initiation signal duration setting(2-9999 sec)
Working modes:
Note: C: service simultaneously and regeneration one by one.
          D: all in service while one in stand by
          E: service simultaneously and regeneration separately
Auxiliary signal output of regeneration
Power cut data protection: settings and data can be stored for 3 years.
Waterproof and rotproof enclosure

Volume sensor pulse input: 0-10 K;4-12V
Sample cycle: 0.2 second;
Output: AC220/2A
Feed back: dry contact;
LCD display
Power: 100-265V/AC;5W.
Temperature: 4-60°C
Humidity: <=84%RH,
Enclosure size: 260X170X105mm
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